Rapid Content Wizard Lightning Review

No matter whether you set up a WordPress blog or pay someone to create a custom website, it will be useless without content. This includes text used to describe products, information about how the product is used, and anything else that seems useful for the topic at hand.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people that own websites do not know how to create text that is appealing for search engines and visitors.

They may also have difficulty with posting new pages and then making sure the page gets seen by as many people as possible.

If you have a website all built, but no clue how to proceed, Rapid Content Wizard lightning may be of some use to you.

Rapid Content Wizard Review

How it Works

Essentially, all you need to do is give Rapid Content Wizard Lightning a few keywords that are relevant to your topic. From there, the program will do a web based search and attempt to read the most popular articles on your topic.

Once it has this information, it will create a composite article that includes all your keywords, and then post the article to your website.

Rapid Content Wizard Lightning can also be used to post to social networking sites and any other venue of interest to you.

What You Will Get From It

For less than $100.00, you will gain access to a program that can generate everything-- from web articles to blog posts and eBooks.

It does not matter whether you need just one document or hundreds.

In addition, if you do not have time to post to social networking sites or other locations, everything can be uploaded at the click of a button.

With Rapid Content Wizard Lightning, creating and uploading content for your website is about ‘as fast as easy’ it can get.


The main advantage you will get from Rapid Content Wizard Lightning is the fact that it can produce huge amounts of keyword-rich content in a very short period of time.

You will also never need to worry about spending hours on end manually posting to sites that link back to yours or engaging in other time consuming or expensive tasks.

Some of Rapid Content Wizard Lightning’s Best Features include:

  • Ability to generate documents with very little input from you
  • Open and create PDF and other documents for research purposes
  • Uploads information perfectly formatted to your website
  • Will upload posts to Facebook, and any other site you are posting to for backlinks or capturing potential client attention
Rapid Content Wizard Review


The biggest and most crucial disadvantage associated with Rapid Content Wizard Lightning revolves around the fact that it does not know accurate content from false information.

While it may be able to find the 10 most popular sites with your selected keywords, it cannot follow complex logic thoughts on those sites.

In addition, the program may create extremely disjointed text if different web authors have a wide variance of opinions on the same topic.

Under these circumstances, you will spend a good bit of time editing; and will most likely have to start from scratch.

Aside from that, some users suggest that you can just copy paste information from other websites and have them incorporated into your new article. Since Google and Copyscape both report this as stolen content, your site will, at best, lose its rank.

At worst, readers that actually find your page will conclude it is a trashy knockoff of something more popular instead of something unique and of value when making a buying decision.

Rapid Content Wizard In Use

Best Suited For

Rapid Content Wizard Lightning is useful for those who do not have time to manage their websites and generate genuinely useful content.

If you are more curious than serious, this program will teach you some valuable lessons and also give you plenty of ideas about online marketing.

It is recommended for beginners, but not serious marketers that make their living on web based sales and marketing.

Rapid Content Wizard Review

RCW Testimonials

Rapid Content Wizard review
Rapid Content Wizard Lightning – Crazy Content For Silly Price! Jeff Becker

Lets Recap

For beginner

Summary: It is recommended for beginners, but not serious marketers that make their living on web based sales and marketing.


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